-Photography Release -

VINIA Photography

Photographer/Owner, Marcy Kreitz 

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Business ID: 0323826

I, Marcy Kreitz, copyright holder and owner/operator of all VINIA Photography photographs, hereby grant permission for the below named individual(s) to reproduce, make prints or share images from their photo session with VINIA Photography for personal use only. 

Posting images online is allowed. If you are posting the unwatermarked images, please give VINIA Photography photo credit by tagging on Facebook or Instagram or use the watermarked web version I send when possible.

All images remain the property of VINIA Photography. Copyright of all images remains with the photographer and any editing or changes to the images must be done only by VINIA Photography. Please do not add filters or other edits as the final images that are delivered are a reflection of the photographer's style and trademark.

By submitting the form on this page you agree to the above terms. Thank you so much and please contact me if you have any questions!

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